Attorney information

Benefits to attorneys

  • Database of top notch medical specialists in a variety of specialties.
  • Referrals available to medical specialists on a lien basis.
  • Medical provider access and coverage.
  • Prompt scheduling and authorization.
  • Willingness to work with medical specialists of yours or your own clients choosing.

    Do you have a client who has been involved in an accident and is not able to receive proper medical care because of a lack of insurance coverage.

    Do you work with health care providers who do not provide services on a lien basis.

    Simply provide us with basic information about the case. Upon approval we will gladly help coordinate medical treatment for your client using health care providers of your clients choosing. Alternatively, we will provide a referral to a physician in the expertise necessary to treat your client. The evaluation and/or necessary surgery will be funded and covered as a medical lien held by Sierra Medical Services. The evaluation and approval process is relatively simple for your client and your office.

    If any of these situations apply, or you would like an evaluation on an particular situation or case, please contact us directly at 702-382-3272

    We are excited to start working with you and your firm. We will be happy to present and discuss the full range of our services.


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