Medical provider information

Benefits to medical providers

  • Increase and stabilize your cash flow.
  • Remove the cost and risk of managing the collections process of maturing accounts receivable.
  • Increase your patient base and income by creating a new market and patient referal base.
  • Invigorate your business without added debt.
  • Receive upfront payment for personal injury patients.
  • Decrease office overhead.
  • Eliminate processing and verification costs.

    Sierra Medical Services specializes in evaluating and funding lien cases in the treatment of personal injury claimants. If you want to expand your revenue sources in new areas without absorbing all of the bad debt risks associated with accepting patients on a lien, Sierra Medical Serivces is your answer. Our team focuses on developing and enhancing profitable business relationships between patients, attorneys, and physicians.

    We consult with attorneys in regards to accepting the case and try to alleviate the patients healthcare payment concerns. This way the physician patient relationship is preserved and the focus can remain on care rather than the finances of the case. This approach also allows the lawyer to ensure that their client recieves the best and highest level of health care before a financial settlement is reached.

    Sierra Medical Services is also interested in purchasing your outstanding lien balances. If you have obtained a lien, billed for services rendered, and have gone unpaid for months, please submit the case to us for evaluation and possible purchase. Call for a free consultation today!


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