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  • Are you in need of medical treatment, but waiting on a legal settlement to cover the cost?

  • Are you a medical provider wanting to liquidate your outstanding lien based receivables or convert them to cash?

  • Are you a medical provider who would like to grow your medical practice by capturing personal injury business without any financial risk and without waiting for payment?

  • Are you an attorney who has a client without health insurance in need of medical treatment, but who canít afford it until after their case resolves?

  • Are you an attorney who would like to maximize the value of a personal injury case for your client and not be forced to settle a case prematurely?

  • If any of the above apply to your situation, Sierra Medical Services can help you today.

    Sierra Medical Services provides personal services and attention to attorneys, physicians, and their cleints involved in personal injury cases. We help ensure that limited finances do not stand in the way of quality and timely medical treatment from healthcare providers.

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